Survival of the Fattest

Created by Dirty Rascal Games

Foraging fun for 1-4 critters using action selection, hand management and unique abilities to survive the winter!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Manufacturing and Pledge Manager updates
about 17 hours ago – Fri, Mar 31, 2023 at 09:07:36 PM

It's update time again! We have few things to talk about, so let's hop right into it.

 Manufacturing Update

We have been working with LongPack Games to get things moving on miniature production as soon as possible. As this process takes much longer than manufacturing the other components, we really wanted to get this underway. LongPack are working on our miniature files to make sure that the end result will be durable enough to stand up to the rigours of shipping and game play. Once files are checked and approved, then the process of tooling the molds for the miniatures can begin!

*Colours are not indicative of final product and all miniatures may be subject to change.

Pledge Manager - closing date and shipping charges

We have had a few backers contact us regarding the pledge manager closing date. While plans are always subject to change, we aim to have final shipping costs and taxes in the pledge manager by the end of April. This will then provide time for people to finalise their orders by completing their survey before we close the pledge manager at the end of May. When the pledge manager closes credit cards will be charged for shipping, taxes, pre-orders and additional add-ons that were made within the pledge manager. 

Deluxe Kickstarter Edition and Mini Expansions

There are almost 90 people who have backed the Deluxe Kickstarter Edition of Survival of the Fattest and also added a Mini Expansion Pack to their order. This addition is unnecessary as all mini expansions are included in the Deluxe Kickstarter Edition. If this sounds like it might be you, please check your order as we wouldn't want you to be charged for a product that you don't need. Depending on your order type you can take the following action:

If you added the Mini Expansion Pack as part of your kickstarter pledge you will be unable to remove it from the pledge manager. Please contact us at and we can remove the item for you. As you have already been charged for this add-on, we will leave the AU$15 refund as credit in the pledge manager so that it can be applied to any shipping or taxes that apply to your order.

If you added the Mini Expansion Pack from within the pledge manager after the kickstarter campaign ended, you will simply be able to remove the item from your order. You have not yet been charged for the add-on so there is no refund required.

If you are unsure if this relates to you or have any trouble completing the above steps, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Thanks for reading, stay safe and keep gaming!

You can find out more about Dirty Rascal Games and Survival of the Fattest on our website or via Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Manufacturing, Fast Food and Card Design
about 1 month ago – Mon, Feb 27, 2023 at 01:29:28 AM

Hello again backers, we have another update for you to show progress on the game and share some information regarding our manufacturer for Survival of the Fattest, LongPack Games.

LongPack Games

We have chosen to work with the wonderful people at LongPack Games to produce Survival of the Fattest. While the names of manufacturers may not be immediately recognisable to many casual gamers, LongPack are responsible for the manufacturing of many amazing titles such as Everdell, Dwellings of Eldervale and Dune: Imperium so you can rest assured that the production copy of your game will be top notch!

Fast Food Mini Expansion

Testing and development continue on all aspects of the game and we are close to finalising rules and cards for the Fast Food mini expansion! There are 15 Fast Food cards available, each provide additional scoring opportunities for players, but at the cost of foraging ability.

During a players Actions phase, they may choose to claim 1 of 4 available Fast Food cards. To do so, the player must take a Forage card from their hand and place it next to their player board together with the claimed Fast Food card. A player can reserve up to 3 Fast Food cards this way during the game to gain their scoring benefits during final scoring. These valuable scoring bonuses may make the difference between winning and losing but careful consideration must be given to reducing your critters ability to forage too early in the game!

Card Design and Readability

We discussed some options in our last update about using icons on cards to reduce word count and make repeated actions easily recognisable. While testing went well, feedback was mixed between a preference for icons or text. In response we continued to look at other options available and think we have come up with a solution that provides the best of both worlds.

We are now testing with using keywords within the text of cards. These words will be in a distinctive font, but still fit within the general flow of text. Where a keyword exists, players will know that more information about that action can be found in the rulebook.

In the above example, the Trick card has the keywords of 'reveal 1' and 'stash 1'. Those terms will be referenced in the rulebook so that all the details don't need to be explained on the card:

Reveal: Show the specified number of cards by placing them face up on the table in view of all players. If the reveal action does not specify what to do with the revealed card(s), then they are then either:

  • returned to the top or bottom of the deck from which they came, in any combination chosen by the revealing player; or
  • returned to the hand of the player from where they came.

Stash: Put the specified number of Food or Trap cards face-down onto the Stash location on your player board. If the stash instruction does not specify which cards to stash, the card(s) are chosen from your hand.

Thanks for following along, we look forward to sharing more progress in the next update!

We'd love to hear your thoughts or suggestions in the comments, Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading, stay safe and keep gaming!

You can find out more about Dirty Rascal Games and Survival of the Fattest on our website or via Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Full Steam Ahead in 2023!
2 months ago – Mon, Jan 23, 2023 at 12:53:23 AM

Hello backers and welcome to those who have jumped on board with a late pledge. We just wanted to get in touch and let everyone know what we're working on and our progress behind the scenes.  We hope everyone had a good break over the holiday season and got to enjoy time with friends and family, maybe even got a few games to your table!

Core Game Design

There are not a lot of changes to the core game design at this stage as everything had gone through an extensive play testing and review cycle prior to launching on Kickstarter. However we continue to look at ways we can improve your game experience and also how new elements such as mini-expansions, solo-mode and new critters (Rascal the Fox) interact with those systems.

First Player Marker

One of our stretch goals was to introduce a first player marker with an additional rule which applies to it's use. The first player marker takes the shape of a Wild Fruit (colourful star) and will be awarded each round to the player with the highest numbered forage card in hand. This gives a clear indication where the turn order starts from each round but also provides an added bonus, if you are in possession of the marker at the end of a season you can spend the Wild Fruit on completing reserved recipes or trying to feed your critter. We have found this a great little addition to the game and definitely adds some strategy and decision making with the increased incentive to try and retain high forage cards from previous rounds in an attempt to grab the marker in the last round of a season!

Forage Location Bonus Actions

Previously the 3 forage locations, Pinecrest Ridge, Greenvale and Pebblebrook were all identical other than name. This means that for the players selecting their location first, it was largely a random decision (except for the case of Lottie the Otter who has advantages at Pebblebrook). What we have introduced is a minor ability that may be taken when visiting a specific location. Pinecrest Ridge allows you to stash a food card from your hand, at Greenvale you can draw a couple of extra cards and at Pebblebrook you can filter through the top couple of cards before foraging. Each location serves a purpose and can assist you differently depending on your circumstances and what you're trying to achieve. This also means you can make a more educated guess about what other players might try to do based on what you know of their strategy.

Card Design

We've made some very subtle changes to card designs with an aim to increase visibility and legibility on the table as well as provide more instant recognition of effects and cut down on word count and complexity by creating icons to represent common instructions or abilities. Below are a couple of examples of  the adjustments in effect: 

Extra Tricky Mini Expansion

Testing is going well for this set of Trick cards. All the critters have a new trick which we believe is characterful, thematic and ties into the core strategy/play styles of each critter. As you can imagine much of the testing now is balancing the relative power of each critter, not only the new tricks with each other but also how they interact with the existing 18 cards. That's a lot of games to play!

The main decision left to make with this set is how to apply it to the main game. Our 2 options are:

  • Each player picks 3 of the 4 available trick cards to include in their critter deck, the not used card is removed from the game.
  • Each player includes the extra trick card in their critter deck, increasing the deck size to 11 and allowing a higher frequency of trick cards to be played.

At this stage we are leaning toward option 2, both variations work well and there doesn't seem to be much argument to not include all the content in each game. The more tricks the merrier!

 Something Eventful Mini Expansion

Again testing is going well, I can see some people liking the variation and randomness that this set provides to the game and others preferring without. The event cards are shuffled throughout the foraging decks and when revealed, the game is momentarily paused while the event is resolved and then play continues. Many of these events are beneficial to players and a couple are problematic, there is some variation and luck in how effected each player is due to their circumstances.

The main decision making in the design of this set is controlling the frequency that these cards appear and how disruptive they become to the normal flow and progress. The easiest option, with minimal set-up complication is to shuffle all 12 cards into the game at the start but this provides the least control. Alternatively we can add event cards to the decks progressively to control the frequency at which they occur but this requires a greater administrative load in game set-up and pack down. We are continuing test to find the right balance.

Fast Food Mini Expansion

The Fast Food mini expansion provides players with extra scoring opportunities and can provide some direction to guide your strategy through the game. 4 Fast Food cards are displayed at any 1 time and a player may take a card in their actions phase by committing a Forage card to the cause. There is a nice decision space in choosing whether to commit Forage cards early and potentially limit your foraging ability to grab a good scoring card that you can work towards or waiting until later in the game and snatch up the best opportunities available.

And lastly, progress on completing a fully painted testing prototype continues, Ol' Grizz shall be seen on our table very shortly and Oakley is well under way!

We'd love to hear your thoughts or suggestions in the comments, Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading, stay safe and keep gaming!

You can find out more about Dirty Rascal Games and Survival of the Fattest on our website or via Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Pledge Manager details & Happy Holidays
3 months ago – Fri, Dec 23, 2022 at 04:23:32 PM

Pledge Manager

Hello backers! We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to complete their Backerkit surveys, we're at almost 70% completed! We have also had some feedback and a few questions about the payment details and shipping charges which we will elaborate on below.

Why do I need to provide my credit card details?

The survey collects credit card details so that we can collect payment for shipping, taxes and any additional add-ons made via the pledge manager. It is important to know that we are not collecting funds at this time, that will occur once the pledge manager closes.

Do I have to leave my credit card details open without knowing the shipping costs?

No, while completing the pledge manager assists us in estimating final numbers for manufacturing, there is no requirement to complete the survey immediately. We will inform backers of final shipping costs prior to closing the pledge manager and with enough notice that backers can complete their survey. If you wish, you can wait until this time before finalising your survey and entering payment details.

Why am I being charged again, I already paid via Kickstarter?

For those backers that pledged via Kickstarter, funds for your pledge level were collected when the campaign closed. This payment did not include shipping or applicable taxes, these will be charged once the pledge manager closes.

How long is the pledge manager open?

We have not set a date for closing the pledge manager at this stage. We do know that it will be open for a few months and we will provide plenty of notice before closing. Keep an eye out for updates in the new year with more details regarding this.

Work in Progress

Work is underway completing the game design and artwork for the Mini Expansions and Solo Mode. Game design and rules for the Extra Tricky mini expansion, Something Eventful mini expansion and solo mode are complete and ready for testing. Illustrations for the card art are in progress.

Extra Tricky cards for Bucky and Huni & Bunz

Game design and rules for the Fast Food mini expansion are in progress and will be next in line for art. We will continue testing and refining both the core game and expansions until files are locked in for manufacturing.

Huni & Bunz have been a bit dominant in testing and have received an increased food cost to slow them down a little, Rascal has proven popular in play tests so far!

Happy Holidays!

Dirty Rascal Games would like to wish all our backers a very happy holidays and a wonderful new year! We hope you get to spend some time with your friends and family and get plenty of games to the table. We will be continuing to work on Survival of the Fattest through the holidays but as you would understand we may be a little slower responding to emails or messages over the next week or so, we appreciate your patience.

We'll leave you with a picturing of Bucky getting into the Christmas spirit!

Thanks for reading, stay safe and keep gaming!

Surveys Incoming - Pledge Manager Open!
4 months ago – Sat, Dec 17, 2022 at 03:17:24 AM

Hello again backers,

We now have our pledge manager details approved by Backerkit and we're ready to start sending out surveys. As a reminder, or for those that are new to the process, a survey is how we collect the data from you that we need to complete your order. A small percentage of backers will receive their surveys immediately as a test to make sure everything works as expected. Once it looks like the system is working properly, then the rest of our backers will receive their survey.

The survey will be an email from Backerkit that contains a link that will take you to your pledge. From there you will be able to confirm your pledge level from the kickstarter campaign, add any additional copies of the game or add-ons that you may wish to purchase and enter shipping and payment details. It is important to note that we will not be charging shipping and taxes at this time. Payment for any additional items and shipping/taxes will be collected when we close the pledge manager in a few months. This will allow us to obtain the most accurate shipping estimates. We will provide plenty of notice prior to closing and locking orders.

After you complete your survey, you can still go back and change your responses at any time before we close the pledge manager.

Deluxe Kickstarter Edition backers

We have noticed that there were a few Deluxe Kickstarter Edition backers who also added the Mini Expansion Pack to their orders. This is not required (unless you want 2 copies) as all of the mini expansion content is already included in the Deluxe Kickstarter Edition. We have tried to address this individually with backers where we have identified this error but there still may be some people with this issue. If you have both the Deluxe Kickstarter Edition and Mini Expansion Pack add-on in your pledge from kickstarter you can either swap your add-on to clear sleeves for the same price or contact us at to refund the additional pledge amount.

I didn't get a survey email?

Initially we will only send the survey to a small number of backers. Please wait a week before contacting us regarding missing survey emails, yours may not have been sent yet. If you still haven't seen anything from us by the end of next week, and you have checked your spam folders for the missing email, then please contact us at and we'll track down your survey invite. 

Thanks for reading, stay safe and keep gaming!